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2020 thru 2015 Season News

Welcome to our newsletters and we hope that this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy!

2020 News:
We want to send a most special Thank you to all our customers that stayed with us during the 2020 summer .
In 30 years of running our Inn, this was our most challenging summer we have ever had to face!  But with the customers that came and had confidence in us to provide a safe and clean environment, there is no words to say Thank you .
To the many customers we did not see in 2020 for whatever reason, we missed you very much.  We hope by the start of the 2021 summer that life for everyone will be back to some form of normalcy.  Seeing all of you every summer is not like seeing customers but like seeing family .

2019 News:
During this winter we continued to upgrade many things to continue making your summer stay very comfortable.  We have converted the entire building over to HD signal for all our TV’s.  We are replacing all the carpets in the 2nd floor rooms along with all new draperies for every motel room.  We continued to optimize and upgrade our wi-fi system to handle more load.  We are also added two more sitting tables and chairs at the pool area per our customers request!.

2018 News:
During this winter we continued to update many things along with all our motel rooms all receiving new TV’s.  Also on the second floor, new chairs had been put outside the rooms. All sitting chairs had been replaced at the pool area.  We continued as always to try to optimize and upgrade our wi-fi system to keep up with the demand.

2017 News:
The 2017 season was a good season and we thank all our customers for being loyal and returning to Ocean City!
(This winter we continued work in our Apartments.  As many of you know, last winter we updated the Apartment floors with new laminate in the living rooms, carpet in the bedrooms, all new bedding and replaced the living room furniture.  This winter we had all the bedrooms painted and replaced all the furniture along with new bedspreads.  Also, we have replaced all the outdoor sitting chairs in the courtyard area).

2016 News:
Our 2016 season was a good one and we look forward to seeing everyone in the summer of 2017.
*** Reminder, as of the start of the 2015 season, smoking only permitted in the designated smoking areas***
(This winter we worked in our Apartments.  We updated all the flooring with new laminate in the living rooms and new carpets in the bedrooms.  We also replaced the furniture in the living rooms.  All the bedrooms received new mattresses).

2015 News:
Our 2015 season was an excellent one and we wanted to thank everyone that visited our establishment and helped make it excellent…  All our guests are considered family!
For the customers that did not have a chance to visit Ocean City, we hope to see you in the summer of 2016.
(As the 2015 season began, the biggest change was that “smoking” was only permitted in the designated smoking areas.  We are sorry to our customers that are accustom to smoking in front of their units.  Hopefully you did not find this change too hard.  During this winter we continued the remodeling of the second floor motel rooms.  Also, we installed microwaves in our common area on the first floor.  The Pool received a huge interior surface remodeling along with new filtration equipment.  And last but not least, as the season started we upgraded our Wi-Fi system to handle the bigger demand from our customers, thank you for being patient thru this upgrade).